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Work : Poems

Here you can find some of Orwell less known poems:

Poem about Prostitution:

    When I was young and had no sense
    In far-off Mandalay
    I lost my heart to a Burmese girl
    As lovely as the day.

    Her skin was gold, her hair was jet,
    Her teeth were ivory;
    I said, "for twenty silver pieces,
    Maiden, sleep with me".

    She looked at me, so pure, so sad,
    The loveliest thing alive,
    And in her lisping, virgin voice,
    Stood out for twenty-five.

"The Lesser Evil":

    Empty as death and slow as pain
    The days went by on leaden feet;
    And parson's week had come again
    As I walked down the little street.

    Without, the weary doves were calling,
    The sun burned on the banks of mud;
    Within, old maids were caterwauling
    A dismal tale of thorns and blood.

    I thought of all the church bells ringing
    In towns that Christian folks were in;
    I heard the godly maidens singing;
    I turned into the house of sin.

    The house of sin was dark & mean,
    With dying flowers round the door;
    They spat their betel juice between
    The rotten bamboos of the floor.

    Why did I come, the woman cried,
    so seldom to her beds of ease?
    When I was not, her spirit died,
    And would I give her ten rupees.

    The weeks went by, and many a day
    That black-haired woman did implore
    Me as I hurried on my way
    To come more often than before.

    The days went by like dead leaves falling
    And parson's week came round again.
    Once more devout old maids were bawling
    Their ugly rhymes of death and pain.

    The woman waited for me there
    As down the little street I trod;
    And musing upon her oily hair,
    I turned into the house of God.

Another poem from Orwell's time in Burma:

    Brush your teeth up and down, brother,
    Oh, brush them up and down!
    All the folks in London Town
    Brush their teeth right up and down,
    Oh! How they shine!
    Aren't they bloody fine?
    Night and morning, my brother,
    Oh brush them up and down!"

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