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George Orwell

* June 25, 1903 Motihari - India

+ January 21, 1950 London - GB

The British author George Orwell, pen name for Eric Blair, achieved prominence in the late 1940ies as the author of two brilliant satires attacking totalitarianism. Familiarity with the novels, documentaries, essays, and criticism he wrote during the 1930ies and later established him as one of the most important and influential voices of the century.

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1984 opera [Wednesday, 4 May,2005]

On May the 3rd the opera adaption of George Orwell's 1984 received its premiere in the Royal Opera House (Covent Garden) in London. [Read more]

New Memoryhole story : Reinventing Big Brother [Sunday, 8 June,2003]

A couple of days ago a new story has been added to the Memoryhole. [Read more]

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