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Opinions : The Memory Hole
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Opinions : The Memory Hole

The Momoryhole is a small e-zine where George Orwell's thoughts and beliefs, as well as recent political and social developments are discussed

  • Reinventing Big Brother by John Bromfield ( (Sunday, 1 June,2003)
    A short story examining the proposition that the telescreens in 1984 would be impractical because the govenment would be responsible for their manufacture and maintenance - the assumption being most would be broken most of the time! Maybe not...
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  • Orwell offered writer's blacklist to Anti-Soviet propaganda unit by Maros Kollar (Monday, 21 April,2003)
    An article from 'The London Guardian' suggesting that Orwell was denunciating 'crypto-communists' and 'fellow-travellers' at a Soviet prpaganda unit.
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